Meet the Class of 2015

The New College Orientation

How Social Media Has Revolutionized Back-to-School

5 Ways to Friend the Class of 2015

They invited us into their lives

We selected influential, highly connected incoming college freshmen and armed them with video cameras. They took us into their homes, introduced us to their families and friends and showed us how they use social media to stay connected.

showed us how they use tech to get social

Knowing what they are using and why is key to uncovering the pathway for a future relationship with this consumer. They are a generation of multi-tasking, always-upgrading, constantly-communicating youth that expect your brand to engage with them on their terms.

and told us what they expect from brands

A tangible benefit is just the first step to building a relationship. You’ve got to be making constant conversation to maintain relevance, entertainment and collaboration. Most of all—you must get in good with their friends.

Meet the Class of 2015

What does it take to reach today’s teens? Watch the video below and read our latest whitepaper to learn the five ways to "friend” this new generation. 
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